deserted: description :

As a child visiting the Seattle Center, I was enamored by the rides, the water fountain, the science pavilion. As I grew older, the Seattle Center became more of a curiosity, a place caught in a limbo of past and future. This group of color photographs represents an exploration of the connection between nostalgia and progress and how it is embodied by the Center. My memories of the space are filled with vivid colors and unquestioning excitement. However, the reality is ghostlike in the way the Center seems dated and burdensome. Even though it is still frequently used and visited, there is a sense of desertion, as if the bodies inhabiting the space are unaware of the surroudning and thus the surrounding becomes empty. By combining vivid memories with the fragile reality these photographs articulate the hollowness of a past that is slipping away. The colors pop, but within the details reside chipped paint, faded signs, and the vague feeling of neglect.